Why You Should Perform a Roof Survey Before Buying an Older Property in Shrewsbury

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Why You Should Perform a Roof Survey Before Buying an Older Property in Shrewsbury

Buying an old house can be incredibly rewarding. Whether you’re using it as a restoration project, looking to open a picturesque B&B in Shrewsbury or simply want to live in a traditional British property, a home with heritage and history can be a great choice in this beautiful part of the country.

However, buying an old property does come with more complications than a contemporary home. We think that working through these issues is well worth it for the end product, but to ensure the safety of your home it’s important to be vigilant.

An area of an older property that it’s especially important to check out is the roof. Having a roof that is deteriorating means that you will be more open to the elements. Problems that can arise from a damaged roof include pest infestations, water damage and less effective insulation. Waiting until the damage becomes unmanageable can also cost thousands of pounds.

With that in mind, before buying a property that you’re interested in, it’s always worth performing an independent survey of the roof and any other parts of the house that may also be in disrepair.

Things that you should keep a keen eye out for when looking around the house include damaged or missing roof tiles, any crumbling cement, bowing gutters, any evidence of damp or water damage on the upper floors and any animals or excessive moisture in the attic.

If you notice these, ask the current homeowner whether they would mind if you schedule a roof inspection before signing anything. If it turns out there is significant damage to the roof, then this can be deducted from the overall price of the property.

If much of the framework of the property is made of wood, it’s even more important to ensure that you have proper checks done independently. If they have already been done, make sure you ask the current homeowner to see proof that the work has been done and what exactly has been done.

Without this information, you could be putting yourself in serious financial difficulty further down the line. It’s only right that you make what is a big decision with all of the information available to you.

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