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Roof Maintenance Tips From Expert Roofing Specialists

The upkeep of your roof can be expensive, especially when it needs repairs or replacement. However, if you examine your roof just twice a year, you can identify any areas of concern that could help you save money on repairs at a later date. Cooper & Williams are expert roofing contractors and we’ve come up with a list of roof maintenance tips to better care for your roof.

Here’s what to look out for on your half-yearly roof checks:

Wear and tear

Look for missing, damaged or curling shingles and other signs of wear and tear. If you need to replace one or two shingles, that’s an easy job and won’t cost you too much but leaving it can be very detrimental, especially come winter! If you need roofing sheets, simply talk to Cooper & Williams and we can help you out.


If you have any metal areas, check carefully for the presence of rust. Roofs are usually pretty hardwearing but over the years and weather-beaten seasons, rust will develop at some point. Get a wire brush to it and then prime and paint over the metal and you’re good to go again.

Cleaning gutters

We get a lot of varied weather in this country and the sun, rain and wind slowly have an impact on the membrane of the roof. Clean out your gutters regularly, particularly in autumn and spring and you’ll be able to see if there is any further damage once they have been cleaned. If you don’t clean them, the build up of grime, leaves and dirt can also affect the roof.


Sweep your roof regularly or use a leave blower to get the leaves out. Sticks, leaves and other debris can damage shingles, cause algae to grow and eventually clog the gutters. Trim any branches that are hanging over the roof to prevent damage and keep animals away.

Moss or algae

Moss and algae can cause huge amounts of damage to the roof if they are left unattended to. Think of old houses you have driven past where moss has taken over and the roof caved in. If this is a problem with your roof, then you can install zinc or lead control strips to help stabilise your roof and tackle the issue.


Sometimes you don’t notice the leaks until the drips come off the ceiling. Check your roof indoors for dark spots or dampness in the attic, and if you spot these, then take action immediately. Spend a little in the short term to save a lot in the long term.

Cracked mortar

Any cracked mortar or caulking around the joints and chimneys can be sealed. You can contact Cooper & Williams to do this job if you aren’t confident yourself.

Snow damage

Depending on how thick the snow is, it can cause a huge amount of damage to a roof, even causing collapse after very heavy snows. You can get a snow rake to carefully remove snow in the depths of winter.

Another tip for home maintenance is to periodically check your homeowner’s insurance to make sure any serious roof damage is covered in your policy.

The Best Roofing Contractors

Roof maintenance can often go by the wayside, but small problems with your roof can lead to an expensive renovation. Cooper & Williams is a family run business located in Shrewsbury, who have been established for nearly 50 years. We are flooring and flat roofing specialists so we can advise on all your home renovations. Give us a call today on 01743 850711 or use the contact form on our website to get in touch.