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Top Locations For Safety Flooring

Safety flooring is designed to reduce the chances of injuries due to slips, trips and falls due to slippery flooring. Falls are the second leading cause of accidental deaths worldwide, so it’s more important than ever that appropriate flooring is installed in vulnerable settings.

So, which locations could benefit from safety flooring? Read on to learn more.

Hospitals and clinics

All types of medical establishments should have safety flooring installed. With the amount of unwell and vulnerable people that come through the doors, those who are already unsteady on their feet could be at risk of slipping. Furthermore, as medications and medical equipment are transported around the building, it’s important that staff are not at risk of falling as they’re carrying or handling these.

Bars and restaurants

Anywhere that serves food and drink is bound to encounter spillages. When these are not seen or cleared up in time, customers and staff run the risk of slipping on these spillages and potentially ending up with a serious injury, especially when the location is poorly lit. Furthermore, busy commercial kitchens can get hectic so it’s important that the fast-paced environment is supported by appropriate flooring – plus, it’s easy to clean so any spillages can be cleaned up with ease.

Schools and nurseries

Children can be unsteady on their feet which means tumbles and falls are more than likely. Additionally, wet feet, spilled drinks and general running around can be very unsafe if the wrong type of flooring is installed. Safety flooring can reduce the risks associated with these factors and provide a secure environment for those at daycare. Plus, since children spend a lot of time on the floor, having flooring that’s easy to clean is essential at keeping contaminants at bay.

Here at Cooper Williams, based in Shrewsbury, we can install safety flooring in your workplace, making the environment safe and durable for everyone in the building. Our experienced team can offer all the advice you need about finding the right solution for your premises. For more information, contact us today and speak to one of our helpful team members.

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