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Tips On Creating a Luxury Bathroom

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a beautiful, clean and luxurious bathroom. A great way to impress your guests, your bathroom should be a place of tranquillity, but also equally packing plenty of personality. Whether you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom, or you are building a brand new hotel or rental business,  we have put together some top tips on designing a luxury bathroom from the micro details to the macro.

Install Modern Features

Having the latest bathroom appliances and plumbing can really transport your bathroom into the future, and make it more desirable. From automatic flushing wall-hung toilets to  stylish vanity and sink cabinets, there are a myriad of modern designs that can make, rather than break, your bathroom decor.

Choose a Freestanding Bath

A freestanding bath or walk-in shower is a great option for adding touches of luxury to your bathroom. These features will automatically make your bathroom feel like it  is a relaxing spa. What’s more, having these features will also upsell your home in future.

Invest In The Small Pieces

Though the larger pieces of your bathroom are important, the small features can really make a difference when designing a luxury bathroom – so make sure you don’t forget them! This can include a bath shelf to enjoy a glass of wine or good book whilst you are having a bath, investing in plush luxury towels, and even having a chic toothbrush holder and soap dish!

Emphasise Space

Whether you structurally have a small bathroom, or you would like a large bathroom – emphasising space is highly important. You can create an illusion of a larger bathroom by adding mirrors, adding storage space, playing with light and dark colours in the walls and structurally placing bathroom appliances around the bathroom.

Choose Stunning Floors and Wall Tiles

Wall tiles are a practical and aesthetic addition, as they can add a sense of luxury as well as being the ideal splashback from the sink, shower and bathtub. Opt for clean white tiles or experiment and choose blue tones and emerald tones.

One of the main ways to create a beautiful luxury bathroom is selecting the right flooring – from stone flooring to marble tiles – it is imperative that you not only find the right flooring that will provide the perfect aesthetic base for your bathroom, but also practical base too. If you choose floor tiles that are more slippery when wet,this could lead to falls, potentially impacting you and your family’s safety in the home.

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