Should You Install Safety Flooring?

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Should You Install Safety Flooring?

With so many different options in flooring, it can be difficult to know just what you should select for your space. Whether you are in a commercial space or a residential one, safety flooring may be a consideration. There are a few reasons you might want to opt for safety flooring, and it’s something that is most often used in areas where people are at higher risk of slipping and falling.

More than 420,000 people will die from falls this year around the world and some of those falls can be prevented simply by installing safety flooring.

What Is Safety Flooring?

Safety flooring is designed to provide slip resistance. This means that the floors don’t allow wet spills to create a layer between a person’s shoe and the floor. On a regular floor, you’ll find that this thin layer reduces friction and causes people to slip and fall.

A safety floor uses aggregates in the top layer of the floor, which causes a disturbance in a wet film and catches any dry contaminants so they can’t slip and slide. This layer makes it nearly impossible for someone to take a tumble because their feet slid out from under them.

Where to Use Safety Flooring

Anywhere that there is a risk of spills on the floor or where slipping and sliding could be particularly dangerous, you should consider using anti-slip flooring. These places include:

Outdoor walkways: Any time you have a walkway that is exposed to the elements, you need to be very careful that it will not become slick when it rains or snows. If you want to be absolutely sure, install safety flooring to make it easier for people to walk safely.

Bars: Since a bar is all about liquids, it’s pretty inevitable that some will spill from time to time. Add in bits of ice melting on the floor and you have a recipe for disaster. A non-slip floor will help prevent possible falls.

Daycares: Children are often clumsy and tend to fall more than most adults. When the floor is slippery, particularly with spilt juice or water, they’re more likely to fall and hurt themselves. You can prevent some of these tumbles by opting for a non-skid floor in your daycare.

Commercial kitchens: Anyone who has worked in a commercial kitchen knows that spills are frequent and people are moving fast. This makes it a very dangerous space if you don’t have an anti-slip floor.

Gyms: Sweat and water can end up creating hazards in the gym, but the main spaces to watch out for are the changing rooms and showers. Precautions should be taken.

Hospitals and clinics: Any type of medical space should include safety flooring. It’s too dangerous to have people who are already shaky walking on potentially slippery floors. Non-slip floors let them know they’re safe. Safety floors are useful in a wide variety of spaces. If you’d like to know more, contact Cooper & Williams for a flooring quote.

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