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Quality Flooring Options to Increase Your Property Value

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so it is important to recognise features which add to its value and install them in your home where possible. Many homeowners choose to fit high-quality flooring in their property because it is an excellent way of increasing your home’s resale value.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is an option for homeowners who are looking to enhance their property’s visual appeal. Once installed, wooden floors add a real touch of class to your home, that instantly transform your living space giving your room a warm, stylish feel.

If you’d like to purchase a product with versatility, wooden flooring is perfect for your home. It can be used for a wide range of design concepts, allowing you to experiment with various colours and patterns without having to replace your floors.

If you’d like to rejuvenate your premises using wooden floors, speak to our team of knowledgeable experts about our range of first-class flooring options.

Tile Flooring

There are two types of tile floor options on the market that are known for their increased resilience and ability to “wow” buyers when they enter a room.

1. Ceramic
2. Porcelain

Tiled floors are robust, low-maintenance flooring solutions which are great for renovating kitchens, living rooms and other areas in your home. Tiled floors can withstand years of wear and tear without losing any of their aesthetic qualities.

If you’d like to revamp your home using dynamic oak flooring, stylish ceramic tiles or modern porcelain floors, why not browse through our extensive range of luxury flooring products and select a design that captivates you.

Laminate Flooring

Have you ever wondered why laminate flooring is so popular? For a start, laminate flooring is a cost-effective solution for homeowners looking to renovate their properties at a price that is manageable.

Unlike some flooring products, laminate is stain resistant, fade proof and easy to maintain.
In addition, laminate is incredibly flexible and great at mimicking other flooring products, it is like the chameleon of the flooring world. Due to its robustness and longevity, it can also be installed in several different rooms in your home, including:

  • Bedrooms
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Playrooms
  • Office

If you’d like a floor design that enhances the beauty of your home, is easy to maintain, and comes at an affordable price, we’ve got the solution. Our selection of stylish modern floors include laminate, carpet, vinyl flooring and much more.

Carpet Flooring

Adding to your home’s curb appeal can be easily achieved using chic, affordable carpeting. A potential buyer who walks into a room and immediately feels a layer of comfort under their feet will be duly impressed.

Nothing quite achieves that sense of luxury like a cosy, attractive carpet floor, that’s why our specialist team at Cooper & Williams fit exclusive carpet floors in all kinds of styles, colours, and designs.

If you’d like to make an enquiry, call our dedicated team on 01743 850711 or arrange a visit to our inspirational flooring showroom to help you make a more informed decision. Our award-winning business also specialises in roofing supplies, installation and repairs.

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