How to decide on the perfect floor tiles for you

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How to decide on the perfect floor tiles for you

Whether you’re refurbishing your bathroom or hallway, you may be considering what flooring options are right for you. Tiles are a great choice for flooring — they’re attractive, long-lasting and require very little maintenance.

Although floor tiles have traditionally been used in bathrooms and kitchens in the UK, there’s a growing trend to use them in other living areas as well. One of the best things about tiling is the amount of choice you get. More than any other type of flooring, you get to decide between a huge variety of options. From ceramic and porcelain to glass and natural stone, there’s certainly a lot to choose from. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, which is why we’ve created a mini guide to help you find the perfect floor tile for you.

If you’re refurbishing your home and aren’t sure which tiles are perfect for you, then you needn’t look further for professional advice and top tips. Read on to find out more about some of the most popular tiles for flooring:

Porcelain tile flooring

One of the most popular tiles for flooring in the UK, porcelain tiles are made using a finer clay than ceramic tiles. They’re also durable and hard wearing, which makes them a popular flooring choice for areas with lots of foot traffic. You can choose between glazed and unglazed porcelain tiling. Their many benefits include being water resistant, stain resistant and highly durable. They can also be used outdoors without being damaged by the elements.

Glazed porcelain tiles are probably the most popular type of floor tile around the world. They are made of porcelain with a glaze pattern on their surface. You can now get pretty much anything printed onto a porcelain tile, so you can get them with wood or marble effect if you like. This means you can get the look you want without having to deal with the maintenance.

Unglazed porcelain tiles are the same without the glaze layer, so they’re entirely made of natural clays. This makes them highly resistant to damage and abrasion. The strength of unglazed porcelain tiles makes them a popular choice for busy areas in commercial buildings, shops, bars and restaurants. They’re the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for flooring that never really look worn.

Installing porcelain flooring yourself can be tricky. That’s why we recommend hiring tiling specialists, so you can rest assured that your new tiles will have the perfect finish.

Ceramic tile flooring

Due to their popularity and durability, most tile specialists will offer a huge range of ceramic tiles. And when you think of tiles, ceramic may just be the first thing that comes to mind. Ceramic tiles are popular for a reason — they’ve been around for thousands of years and have been used beautifully in many famous landmarks. 

One of the perks about ceramic tiles is how easy they are to install, clean and maintain. This makes them a popular choice for bathroom walls and kitchen splashback. They’re also quite compact and easy to install even for DIY enthusiasts.

Although ceramic tiles are most commonly used on walls, they also make a great choice for flooring. If you’re looking to renovate your home on a budget, ceramic tiling offers a very inexpensive option. Opt for glazed ceramic tiles for durability or unglazed for that rustic look.

Terracotta tile flooring

Derived from the Latin word for ‘baked earth’, terracotta tiling is sure to take your mind to sunny Mediterranean destinations. Known for their durability and earthy appeal, terracotta tiles are made of special clay that’s moulded and fired at high temperatures in a kiln. They’ve been used for a variety of purposes for thousands of years.

While terracotta has a great old-world charm, unsealed terracotta tiles aren’t the best choice for flooring as they’re extremely porous in nature and can absorb moisture. This means that they could stain or crack quite easily. If you like the rustic look of terracotta, we’d recommend opting for porcelain tiles with a terracotta effect for a more low-maintenance option.

Marble tile flooring

Although they can be on the expensive side, marble tiling can add an instant touch of luxury to any room. If you’re looking to add elegance to your home, laying down marble tiles will have that immediate effect and wow-factor. However, other than the initial cost, you also need to think about the maintenance required to keep marble tiles looking pristine. They’re more susceptible to damage and aren’t the easiest to clean without accidentally scratching or staining.

Most tile specialists would recommend getting marble flooring in areas of low traffic or in small areas as a decorative feature. You can also get sealant applied to make the marble a little more resistant to abrasion.

Cement tiles

As the name suggests, cement tiles are made of a body of cement. Although it’s been around for centuries, cement tiling has recently become popular again as it’s great for adding character to any room. Cement tiles are versatile in nature so you can choose from a number of different patterns and colours.

One negative is that they’re tough to lay down, although you can hire local tile specialists to carry out the installation for you. They also should be resealed every month to maintain their look. We’d recommend opting for cement tiling only in areas with less traffic.

Granite floor tiling

Granite is a natural stone that is sometimes confused with marble due to the similarity in the look and feel. The similarity is why many people whose budget doesn’t extend to marble tiling tend to go for it. While it doesn’t offer exactly the same luxurious look that marble does, it’s hard wearing and durable. If you’re looking for hard floors on a budget, opt for granite for your more functional rooms such as laundry rooms or bathrooms.

Limestone floor tiling

Another natural stone, limestone flooring offers a rustic look and earthy feel. It’s durable but still easy to shape into different cuts and placements. The porous nature of limestone means that sealing it is a must to avoid cracks. Cleaning limestone tiles can also be a bit of a hassle, as you can only use specific products to avoid damaging it. However, once you find the right cleaning products, limestone tiling is a great choice for outdoor spaces.

Beautiful, bespoke flooring options from Cooper & Williams

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