Four Signs Your Roof is in Need of Repair

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Four Signs Your Roof is in Need of Repair

Many of us take for granted the fact that our roofs will protect us against the elements and keep us sheltered come rain or shine. However, whilst they are indeed built to last, there may come a time when your roof needs a bit of TLC- but what are the telltale signs? Below, we’ve listed off four signs that it may be time to have your roof repaired or perhaps even replaced.

Cracked shingles

It’s not exactly easy to inspect a roof for issues and as a result, it can sometimes be difficult to identify any problems. However, to assess the health of your roof, it’s worth standing outside your property and having a quick scan. If the roof shingles are visibly cracked or damaged, this may be a sign they need replacing. Some may have even come loose in extreme weather conditions, so look out for any gaps. If the view is unclear, check for granules in the gutter as roof shingles can sometimes disintegrate and this is where the granules will likely end up.

Peeling paint

Whilst assessing the roofing, look for any peeling paint on the exterior of your property. A poorly ventilated roof will allow for a build up of moisture, which in turn may cause paint to blister and peel. If you notice this, it’s advisable to have your roof inspected by a professional as they will know the best course of action to take.

Water damage

If you notice any water stains on the interior walls or ceilings of your property, this could be a sign of a leak in your roof. These marks can also be caused by a minor damp problem, however, to err on the side of caution, it’s worth getting a second opinion from an expert in the industry. Try to get your roof checked out as quickly as possible as, if left to exacerbate, the leak could become more severe.

Attic leaks

If you suspect your roof may be on its last legs, take a trip to the attic for an inspection. In the event of a rainstorm, your attic is the first place that would be affected, so see if you can spot any visible leaks or signs of water damage as this could indicate there’s a problem with the underlayment.

Looking for a second opinion regarding your roof? Look no further than Cooper & Williams Ltd. We promise to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately and once we know what needs to be done, we’ll waste no time in restoring your roof back to its former glory.

Contact us today for more information and we’ll organise a time that’s convenient for you to repair your roof.

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