A Mini Guide To Wood Stains

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A Mini Guide To Wood Stains

Decorating your home can feel like a minefield – especially as you will want to make investment purchases that will not only last for years but are something that you will fall in love with time and time again. Yet, whether you are designing your home from scratch, or you think it needs a facelift – this doesn’t need to be costly. One of the best and easiest ways to transform a room is to change the flooring – this can be stripping back the carpet, wood staining, or having luxury laminate tiles installed.

If you are intrigued by wood staining, below we have collated together a mini-guide to wood stains – and how different colours would suit different interior design concepts.

What are wood stains?

Wood stains are, as the name suggests, a colourant dissolved in a solvent that is used to create a permanent stain on wood – providing a perfect and flawless finish!

Wood stains are a great way to add that final touch of luxury and personality to a home, especially as they can come in a myriad of colours and hues. From traditional organic tones to vibrant blues and greens –  your floors will become a focal piece in your home.

Colours of wood stains

Whether you are looking to transform your home’s flooring – or you are looking to upcycle a piece of dilapidated wooden furniture – you can find a large variety of different wood stains to suit your project. Below, we have collated a few that are appropriate for floors, and that our flooring company can offer.

  • Browns – from organic pine to cherry red mahogany, brown tones are the most popular colours for home interiors. This is because they are not only natural and organic looking, but also they fill your home with warm tones.
  • White – White wooden flooring is the perfect complement to a sun-lit home. Beautifully paired with navy or grey walls, it can easily brighten and soften a space and is perhaps a great addition to a holiday property.
  • Greens and blues – perhaps an unusual addition to your home flooring, blue and green stains are a great way to add a pop of colour to your home.
  • Clear – Though this won’t change your wooden flooring, a clear wood stain will enhance the colour you have chosen or your natural wood colour. This will create a stunning shiny finish and can protect your wood flooring.

Here at Cooper & Williams, we are an expert flooring and roofing company that provide an extensive range of home decoration and improvement services. Whether you are looking to transform your property or add a final finishing touch, our team are here to  help! Simply contact us today to find out more.

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