A Guide to Roof Maintenance by Roofing Contractors in Shrewsbury

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A Guide to Roof Maintenance by Roofing Contractors in Shrewsbury

The roof structures which form an integral part of our properties are a vital aspect of their performance and their ability to keep us both warm and dry. They are also usually the component of any properties superstructure that requires the most maintenance and attention.

As roofing specialists that cover Shrewsbury as well as the rest of Shropshire in addition to other regions including Wales, we are well placed to provide the repair and maintenance services that your roof requires.

Pitched Roofing

Most single or two storey dwellings in the UK are comprised of a pitched roof system, which has been constructed from timber rafters and joists before being covered by a waterproof membrane and roof tiles.

Due to their construction, pitched roofs are very effective at naturally clearing rainwater from your property, collecting and channelling it through a series of gutters and downpipes.

Unfortunately, roof tiles can become displaced and waterproof membranes damaged, presenting a roof leak that can quickly damage the interior of your home.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofing is more commonly seen on commercial properties such as factories as well as multi storey developments. As flat roofing specialists, we can say that flat roofs aren’t as efficient as pitched roofs and are prone to suffering from standing water which can eventually leak into the property if the roofs surface and waterproofing is in poor condition.

Proactively Identifying Signs of Roof Wear and Degradation

The key to an efficiently performing roof structure is regular inspections by qualified roofers who are going to identify any wear and tear that is present to a roof’s components. This inspection should be both internal and external to gain a thorough understanding of the roofs current condition.

Roofing Repairs

If any roof defects have been identified, they will need to be repaired as soon as possible. The repair process will include:

  • The replacement of guttering where it has become damaged.
  • The replacement of soffits and fascia boards which have become damaged.
  • The replacement or re-fixing of roof tiles and ridge tiles that have become dislodged or are missing.
  • The replacement of weatherproofing which will include the waterproof PVC roofing sheets where required.
  • The replacement or repair of bitumen roof surfaces where a flat roof is present.
  • The replacement of internal downpipes where they have caused the presence of standing water to flat roofs.

Depending on the current condition of your roof, we may be able to selectively repair failed components or have to perform a full roof renovation to guarantee a sufficient lifespan.

Cooper & Williams Ltd: Qualified Roofing Specialists in Shrewsbury and Across Shropshire

The condition of your property stands to benefit from professional roof maintenance and repair services that are going to reduce the likelihood of a complete roof failure.

If you have any doubts about the condition of your roof, we can carry out a comprehensive roof survey on your behalf which will identify any defects and allow us to suggest remedial action through the use of a variety of roofing supplies.

For more information, enquire within by calling us on 01743 850711 or by sending us an email to admin@coopwill.co.uk. You can also visit us in person at our showroom which is located at Forton Depot, Forton Heath, Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury, SY4 1HA.

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