5 Signs Your Shrewsbury Home Might Need a New Roof

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5 Signs Your Shrewsbury Home Might Need a New Roof

Your roof isn’t something you think about every day, but it’s something that’s essential to the comfort and warmth inside your home. However, if your roof starts to develop problems as it ages, you soon notice the difference, and might want to call in a roofer as quickly as possible to check it over. Here are some of the basic signs that it might be time to get your roof checked, and that it might be time for a replacement.

  1. Mould or moss

You may spot moss on your roof, or you might be noticing damp or mouldy patches inside your loft. Either way, this can be a sign that your roof is letting in water, and if left to fester this can create bigger gaps where fungi can thrive. If you notice mould or moss, call in local roofing contractors who’ll be able to advise whether it’s a simple leak, or whether you might need a whole new roof.

  • Gaps in your roof

There are a few ways to check for gaps in your roof.

  • Feel for draughts in your loft
  • Go into your loft in the dark and look for daylight coming through
  • At night, turn on your loft lights and go outside to see if light is coming through
  • Check for missing or broken tiles

If you notice any issues, it’s important not to delay bringing in the experts, as a change in weather such as a storm could cause further damage. Pitched roofing can sometimes be repaired with a few new tiles, but if this keeps happening then a new roof might be the best option.

  • Sagging

Often the most obvious on flat roofs, sagging can be a major concern as it can lead to structural damage. This can be due to poor installation, the weight of snow or excess moisture, or many other factors. Make sure you call in the flat roofing specialists who’ll be able to advise on the best course of action for your kind of roof.

  • Debris

Whether it’s roof tiles falling or granules from the roof clogging up your guttering, you should never ignore debris from your roof. Over time, the protective coating of a roof can come loose, leaving it vulnerable to the British weather. This is easily remedied with the right roofing supplies, and if you bring the experts in quickly, they can help minimise damage to your roof, which can help you avoid the cost of a new one.

  • Leaks

For many homeowners, the first sign of roof damage is a leak. A leak doesn’t necessarily mean you need a whole new roof, but it’s important to bring in the roofing specialists as soon as possible to check the source and cause of the leak, and offer expert advice.

If you live in Shrewsbury or the surrounding areas and need a new roof, simply call Cooper Williams on 01743 850711 or e-mail admin@coopwill.co.uk to arrange for an inspection and free quote.

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