The Latest Bathroom Design Trends You Need To Know About

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The Latest Bathroom Design Trends You Need To Know About

The bathroom is certainly one of the most important rooms in the home from a functional point of view. A modern and well-designed bathroom has the potential to add around 5% of value onto a property and can help speed up a potential sale. You, your family or your housemates will spend a lot of time here over the years, so it’s a good idea to keep it up to date and looking great; here’s what you need to know about the latest trends.


Industrial design is all the rage at the moment but is usually confined to living areas; we’ve all seen those New York lounges accented with bare brick and rusty metal. However, this can look fantastic in the bathroom too! This means heavy fixtures, lots of metal, exposed piping, weathered wood and reducing detail to create a sense of gnarled minimalism.

Rounded Edges

A big trend in the bathroom this year has been rounded edges. Everything from wall mounted mirrors to vanity cabinets, sinks and wardrobes have a rounded edge to them. Taking over from large circular mirrors, rounded edge rectangles now reign supreme.

Floating Utilities

Another crucial design development for 2019 has been floating utilities within the bathroom. Think suspended vanity cupboards and floating, wall-mounted toilets. This used to be considered ‘too modern’ but the new materials and styles used have now made them much more desirable for homes.

Skinny Tiles and Marble Art

Tiles which create a seamless connection between the floors and the walls have been ‘on trend’ for many years now and can make a room seem much larger, however, large tiles have now been swapped for skinny tiles. In green, these create an antiquated aesthetic not dissimilar to the ‘subway tile’. They almost create the feeling of a victorian wash-house.

On the other end of the spectrum, huge slabs of marble are also becoming popular. Using a huge slab of marble for an entire wall makes the room feel luxurious but also adds art with the elegant veins of colour creating focal points.

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