How To Make The Most of a Home Renovation

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How To Make The Most of a Home Renovation

If it’s the first time you’re tackling a home renovation project, it can be a pretty daunting affair and difficult to know exactly where to start. If you’ve bought a property that needs a bit of work doing to it, you could significantly increase the value of the house, but there are some general tips and tricks that can help you squeeze the most out of a renovation.

Focus on Crucial Areas

First of all, it’s important to focus your budget and attention on the crucial areas of the home which are going to increase the value the most. This means the kitchen and bathroom primarily. Suiting these rooms out with modern and aesthetically pleasing fittings will make the room more functional and practical, leading to an immediate increase in value. Of course, you can’t forget areas like the bedrooms, living areas or gardens, but it’s important to make the kitchen and bathroom stand out as a decent renovation can add as much as 10% to the value of your property.

Consider Adding a New Room

If there’s space out in the garden or a good-sized loft or basement to work with, then adding a new room should certainly be considered. This will add the most value to a property, however, it will also require the most investment. Completing an effective extension or conversion will bump up the price significantly as well as making the home more functional.

Improve Insulation

Finally, it’s important to make the home as cost-effective to run as possible for whoever ends up buying it; this means improving the insulation. Upgrading the windows and doors as well as insulating the roof and walls will reduce the energy costs of the home. Also, consider installing a new boiler or even a source of renewable energy to really add some value.

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