4 Improvements That Can Add Value to Your Shrewsbury Home

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4 Improvements That Can Add Value to Your Shrewsbury Home

When you make improvements to your home, you want them to make your property a more pleasant place to live, but most of us also want to know that they add value. In areas such as Shrewsbury, the property market can be competitive, and if you’re looking to sell then it might be time to bring in roofers and other professionals to get jobs done. Here are just a few improvements that can help sell your house and add value.

  1. Replace your roof

If your roof is looking old and tired, this can put off potential buyers. While it might seem like a big expense to replace a roof, it can be just a fraction of your selling price and bringing in the roofing contractors can help to add value to your home. A new roof will reassure buyers that the house has been well looked after, and has advantages such as:

  • Weatherproofing your home
  • Ensuring your home is energy efficient
  • Preventing damp
  • Improving the look of your home

When you consider the many advantages, a new roof makes sense when you’re trying to add value to your home, whether it’s a flat roof for a new build in Shrewsbury, or a period property in a local village.

  • Upgrade your floors

You might not think they make a big difference, but your floors can really change the look of your home. Tired, old flooring can not only look bad, but be difficult to clean and bring the whole interior down. Adding some modern wood flooring to the living areas of your house makes a big difference, making the space feel better and ensuring your home is brought up to date. Tired carpets can be one of the biggest things that put off potential buyers, so spending a bit of money upgrading your floors can pay off in the long term.

  • Update your kitchen and bathroom

What are the most important rooms in a house? When it comes to buying a place, most people focus on the kitchen and bathroom, as they can be the most expensive rooms to update. However, you don’t have to install whole new suites. A coat of paint and some simple improvements such as vinyl flooring can make a big difference, making the rooms look cleaner, newer and up to date with just a little effort.

  • Declutter and maximise space

Cluttering up your home will soon make it feel smaller and drop its value. One of the best things you can do when you plan to put your home on the market is to declutter, which instantly makes your home more spacious. There are also tricks such as adding laminate flooring or using light, neutral tones which can trick the eye into feeling like there’s more space, without having to add an extension.

For the first step in making improvements to your Shrewsbury home, simply call Cooper Williams on 01743 850711 or e-mail admin@coopwill.co.uk today.

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