Things To Consider Before Renovating a Property

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Things To Consider Before Renovating a Property

Renovating an old property can be a very lucrative business to get involved in, with property often representing a sturdy and robust investment. It can also be a very rewarding process once all of the work has been completed, especially if the outcome is not for financial gain but a new property for you and your family to live in. Whatever your motivations are, it’s crucial to consider a few things before you get going.

Get a Property Survey Performed

The very first step you should consider when planning a renovation is to have a full property survey performed, including the roof in particular. Before working on the inside of your home, you’ll need to ensure that the structure is sound and budget for the essential works before you even think about anything cosmetic. If there is damage to the roof, walls, floors or the internal electrical working of the home a property survey will highlight these issues and these need to be tackled as a priority.

Consider The Main Areas of Improvement

Once you know that the property you’ve purchased is fit for habitation and you’ve budgeted for any priorities that need to be addressed, you can start looking for your main areas of improvement. Do you have a small kitchen and a small dining room next to each other? Think about knocking the joining wall through and making it open plan. Do you have a large bedroom that could be smaller? Maybe install an en suite. Are there tired carpets throughout the home? Look into flooring alternatives to give it a breath of fresh air.

Look For Areas of Extension

Another essential step to take in the process, particularly if you’re looking to improve the value of the property, is to look for ways you can extend. Check whether your loft is ripe for extension, whether you can afford to lose a little garden space or whether you can turn a basement into a new room. Adding more rooms to your property is a sure-fire way to add heaps of value.

Cooper & Williams Can Perform a Roof Survey and Provide Materials For Your Renovation

If you’re renovating a property in Shrewsbury or Shropshire, then Cooper & Williams can help you perform a roof survey and provide materials for the project. We’ve been serving the residents and businesses of these local areas since 1970, so we’re best-placed to assist you on any sized renovation project.

To find out more, contact us today. You can find us at our showroom and head office, which is located at Forton Depot, Forton Heath, Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury, SY4 1HA, call us on 01743 850711 or email us at

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