The Floors of The Roman Empire

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The Floors of The Roman Empire

The Romans are credited with a number of important developments in human history. As one of the most significant empires in the story of human civilisation, they conquered the known world at the time and brought with them technology, religion and politics that would change the world. One of the things they were most famous for was their architecture. Here we take a look at the flooring technologies they championed.

Underfloor Heating

The Romans are credited with the development of the very first underfloor heating system. Named the ‘hypocaust’ system, this heating technology distributed heat from a fire in a subterranean level beneath the stone floor. A network of pillars propped up the overlying level and created ample space so that the heat could make its way underneath the floor evenly. This type of system was often employed in bathhouses and the homes of citizens in the upper echelons of the social hierarchy.

The Secrets of The Colosseum

The Colosseum is undeniably the most iconic building left from the Roman Empire. It’s where gladiatorial games would take place to keep the masses entertained and played a central role in the culture of the civilisation. Underneath the sands of the Colosseum floor, a network of tunnels and corridors played host to gladiators as they waited to fight as well as dangerous wild animals.

As well as acting as a holding area for fighters and animals, the netherregion of the Colosseum also included wooden lifts and secret entrances.


Mosaics are some of the most iconic and striking types of art in Roman culture. The floors of Roman buildings were often luxuriously decorated with scenes of history and as statements of wealth and social standing.

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