How to Care for Your Wooden Flooring

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How to Care for Your Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors bring a timeless elegance to your home and there are many different varieties and shades of wood to suit every taste. Solid wooden flooring is a long-lasting investment but it can be costly, so naturally, you’ll want to take proper care of your floors to ensure they don’t become damaged or scratched.

Wooden flooring doesn’t need as much care as you might think and they can be kept in tiptop condition with simple regular maintenance. If you’ve recently installed wooden flooring or want to know how to look after your existing wooden floors, see below for our handy guide.

Clean up spills immediately

Most of us clean up spills straight away no matter what type of flooring we have, but when it comes to wooden flooring speed is key. Liquid spills can warp or damage the wood if left for any amount of time, so be vigilant when it comes to wiping up spilt water or other liquids straight away.

Add anti-scratch pads to furniture

It’s well worth investing in anti-scratch felt pads for the bottom of any furniture legs; this helps protect your floor from any dents or scratches. You should also make sure to never drag sharp or heavy objects across the floor, always lift them up completely even if means waiting for some extra help to move furniture around.

Regular sweeping

A quick sweep every few days (or every day if you have time) is often all it takes to keep your hardwood floors in good condition. A buildup of dirt and dust can actually scratch your floors if left unattended for too long; so sweep regularly using a soft brush.

Avoid ammonia

You shouldn’t use any cleaning products containing ammonia on a wooden floor as they’re far too abrasive and can cause damage or scratches. Instead, use a microfibre cloth and a neutral PH cleaning spray to keep floors free of dirt. Wooden floors can also be mopped using water, just ensure that the mop is fully wrung out first to prevent water damage.

Remove your shoes

It’s good practice to remove your shoes before walking on wooden flooring, especially if you wear a lot of high heels or heeled boots. Shoes bring in dirt and debris from the outside which can damage your floor, and sharp stiletto heels can easily cause scratches.

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