Four Flooring Types to Consider for Your Shrewsbury Cottage

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Four Flooring Types to Consider for Your Shrewsbury Cottage

Shrewsbury is famous in the UK for its architecture. As a largely unspoilt medieval market town, much of the original architecture has survived. In fact, there are over 660 listed buildings in the area as well as a castle, abbey and Benedictine monastery.

Shrewsbury is also famous for the picturesque cottages that pepper the landscape. If you’re lucky enough to own one of these and you want to reinvigorate your floors, we have some advice on the types of flooring that might suit your property.

Wool Carpets

During the 14th and 15th centuries, Shrewsbury was at the height of its commercial significance. This was mainly due to the town’s dominance in the wool trade, which was a major industry at the time.

If you’d like to bring that history back to life in your cottage, you might want to consider some luxury wool carpets or rugs. There are plenty of styles and patterns to choose from so, if you’d prefer something conservative or something outlandish (Like a shag rug!), then there’s always something to suit the rest of your decor.

Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are a very robust option when it comes to flooring. They’re easy to clean and maintain as well as being luxurious and providing texture to a room.

If you’ve got a bare stone wall in your Shrewsbury cottage, a granite tile is a great aesthetic pairing to uphold the antiquated feel of a cottage. Other styles, like onyx or terrazzo, can give the room a more contemporary feel if you’d like to breathe some new life into the decor of your property.

Hard Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a timeless choice for any property, but this style particularly suits older properties like cottages, both aesthetically and practically.

In terms of aesthetics, this choice of flooring is an eye-catching way to match the rest of the wood that is likely a big part of the walls and ceiling. It naturally creates a cosy and homely feel throughout the house.

Practically, hardwood is usually less affected by warping that occurs when the house is open to the elements. As such, if your cottage is off the beaten path and open to the weather, then choosing hardwood will help improve the visual appeal and functionality of the property.

Luxury Vinyl

If you’re looking to modernise your cottage with a more contemporary style of flooring, then luxury vinyl might be just the choice you need. Vinyl can be beautiful, versatile and very easy to clean.

With vinyl, you can either replicate the look of wood or tile or create a flat block of colour to offset all the other textures in your cottage. This can create a striking effect throughout your cottage to divert from a more traditional style.

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