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Four Amazing Roofs From Around the World

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to amazing architecture, but with so many beautiful interiors, stained glass windows and mosaic floors to explore, we can forget to look up at the architecture above our heads.

There are many amazing roofs to be found around the world, from breathtaking modern designs to the roofs of ancient palaces. If you’re a fan of architecture and want some inspiration for where to visit next, see below for just four of our favourite roofs around the world.
Thean Hou Temple – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This temple was built in honour of the Chinese sea goddess Mazu, who’s name means ‘heavenly mother’ in Cantonese. The six-tiered ornate temple might look ancient, but it was actually completed in 1987 and officially opened in 1989. Its majestic roof includes plenty of detail, including multicoloured tiles, red hanging lanterns and many, many dragons.
St. Stephen’s Cathedral – Vienna, Austria
In contrast to the above, this roof dates all the way back to the 14th century and is comprised of around 230,000 multicoloured tiles. These tiles are placed to form geometric patterns, as well as images including a coat of arms and a two-headed eagle.
St.Basil’s Cathedral – Moscow, Russia
The bright colours and patterns of the Cathedral’s eight domed spires make St.Basil’s one of the most recognised landmarks in Russia. The domes were built in stages between the 1680s and the 1860s and their styles reflect the changing design trends in Russia over the centuries.
Meera Sky Garden House – Sentosa, Singapore
Completed in 2010, this four-storey private residence features a spectacular roof garden on each level. These green roofs help to reduce carbon dioxide and counter greenhouse gas emissions, making the house very eco-friendly. A mix of glass and solid walls provide privacy for residents, while also reducing the need for air-conditioning by encouraging cross-ventilation.

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