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Flooring Trends This Upcoming Season

Home renovation season is finally upon us, and with this in mind, you can at long last make a few of those home improvements you’ve been mulling over. During the process of choosing colour schemes and furniture, you’ve probably realised that your flooring style is also of crucial importance.

There are a range of flooring options out there; coloured, textured, everything from wood variations to tile designs, and even a wide array of carpets out there. You don’t have to panic from indecision; it’s an easy choice if you keep in mind which design you want for every room and consider what your aesthetic for the room is. Is it contemporary, classic or perhaps rustic?

In this handy guide, we have accumulated some of the key trends for flooring this season. These ideas may help you in choosing the ideal flooring you’ve been looking for, giving your entire home a design that will never go out of date.

Greys are huge right now

The recent surge in popularity of grey flooring has had flooring specialists questioning if it is because grey is a trend or a potentially timeless, classic and versatile colour. Moreover, there has undoubtedly been an increased interest in grey flooring over the past year and it doesn’t look likely to dip anytime soon.

Brighten things up with a summer aesthetic (all year round)

Both blonde and light pecan are shades that have quickly grown in popularity recently. They work with oak, bamboo and solid wood flooring, and are perfect for summer as they add a little warmth to any room of the house.

Textures and materials are crucial – especially eco-friendly ones

With many people becoming more conscious about all things environmental, eco-friendly flooring has really taken the industry by storm with materials such as cork and bamboo surging in popularity. These renewable and biodegradable materials are the perfect way to tell the world you care about the environment. This style of flooring comes in a plethora of colours and styles to choose from.

Patterns are making a comeback

Parquet flooring is making a real comeback – it’s geometric, angular and artistic. There are plenty of different types of parquet flooring and consumers are getting really experimental with what is out there. You can select colourful parquet floorboards to really make a statement – shades of blue or green look really beautiful in this instance.

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