Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Shropshire Home

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Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Shropshire Home

When it comes to updating your home, one of the things that can make a big difference is your flooring. Floors don’t just change the aesthetics of a room, they can change the entire atmosphere, whether you’re going for a cosy, modern, or practical look. Whether you have a new build home in Shrewsbury, or a period home in Oswestry, your flooring is one of the most important choices you make for your home, so here are some tips for choosing the right kind.

Think practically

It’s important to choose flooring that’s suitable for the room you are renovating, otherwise you’ll soon get sick of your choice and be wanting to replace it again. For example, many older homes have carpeting in the bathroom or kitchen, which can lead to damp and mould, and annoys potential buyers. If it’s a room prone to spills or damp, vinyl flooring is often the best option, as this is easy to clean, and there are many style options available to ensure a cosy feel.

Think about maintenance

Nobody wants flooring that’ll need constant cleaning and maintenance, which is why low-maintenance options such as wood flooring are becoming so popular in homes across Shropshire. The only maintenance this sort of flooring needs is:

  • Quick wiping up of spills – never use a mop or steam cleaner
  • Dusting or sweeping as needed
  • Monthly cleaning with specialist wood cleaner
  • Re-coating every few years, depending on wear and tear

Many modern types of flooring need only minimal maintenance, so replacing your floors not only makes your home look better but can save you time.


While strong, durable flooring is important in every room, some places are more high-traffic than others, or need to stand up to more use. For example, hallways in most homes are very busy with people coming and going, and cheap flooring could quite easily become damaged and scuffed by shoes. Durable options such as oak flooring is often best for high-traffic rooms, as they not only last for many years, but can be sanded and re-finished once they start to look worn, making them an excellent investment.

Match the style of your home

If you’re lucky enough to have a Shropshire home with stylish period features, then you’ll want to highlight them, and styles such as rustic, wooden flooring can be in-keeping with the rest of your property. If you live in a newer house, then laminate flooring can be an excellent option, as it has a sleek, modern look. Luckily, there are endless style options for flooring, so there’s something that’ll suit every style of home, you just need to find the right one.

When it’s time to replace the flooring in your Shropshire home, get in touch with Cooper & Williams Ltd, Forton Heath, Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury, SY4 1HA. Call us on 01743 850711, or e-mail to arrange for a quote or find out more about our range.

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